About this course

  • Are you getting the best possible result from your online campaigns? 
  • Are particular pages on your website acting as road blocks?
  • Is the agency that runs your campaigns telling you the whole story?

These are some of the questions that Google Analytics data can help you answer.

When you're proficient in Google Analytics, you won't be at the mercy of whatever information you're given: you can go and get your own. 

Dig deeper. Ask new questions and get answers right away.

If you've logged in to Google Analytics before, you may have found it overwhelming. In this course, we will only focus on what truly makes a difference for education marketers. I'll also help you to set up the right types of tracking and reports, so that you can keep the pulse of your institution's student recruitment efforts.

Learning goals

Upon successfully completing the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand how Google Analytics tracks website visits;
  • Understand the meaning of the key dimensions and KPIs in Google Analytics;
  • Understand the key differences between Universal Analytics and GA4;
  • Analyse key reports in GA: audience, acquisition, behavior, conversions;
  • Identify "goals" on your website that should be tracked;
  • Set up basic goal tracking in your Google Analytics view;
  • Use Google Analytics for campaign evaluation and budgeting;
  • Identify bottlenecks in your campaigns and website and develop possible alternatives.
Process diagram

Training format

This programme is delivered as a self-paced e-course with live small-group coaching sessions. You’ll get full lifetime access to the online course materials and assignments.

During the hands-on assignments, you will analyse your institution's own Analytics account and can even make improvements to the setup if required.

At set moments, you’ll have the chance to join a live online coaching session with up to 5 other participants. During the Zoom call, we’ll run through your assignments and you’ll have the chance to ask questions.

What's included?

  • Permanent access to the digital course materials
  • 2 Live online coaching sessions in small groups of max. 6.
  • Recordings of the coaching sessions.
  • Final one-on-one check in 3 months after completion


Shen Li

Avans University of Applied Sciences

The training is very tailored to marketing staff at HEI's. I believe there will be more questions coming up while diving in GA to monitor the performance and adjust the goal, but this fundamental course explained the basic and practical functions of GA to make a kick start.

The step-by-step learning by doing to set up the goals for conversion was very useful; and understand where to look for what type of information to understand the data as well. As it can be somewhat confusing to look at data in GA without sufficient knowledge and a clear vision of what to look at.

Noortje de Kort

Avans University of Applied Sciences

During the course, we had a tailored look into our online activities with an experienced online marketeer specialized in online marketing for the HE sector.

The course helped us understand what we can measure, how to do it and to identify (quick) wins.

The practice within Google Analytics itself, getting familiar with the different things and setups was most useful for me.

Pricing options

  • €680,00

    VAT not included, where applicable
    HRDF claimable in Malaysia

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Upcoming start dates

September 17, 2021

Training will be conducted in flipped classroom style with 2 live check-in sessions to review the practical assignments and answer all your questions.

In addition, there will be a final check-in 2 months after completion to answer any questions you may bump into when you set out to apply your learnings.

For maximum effectiveness, the group size is limited to 6 people. There are still a few spots available. If you're interested, please send me a message.

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