About this course

  • Are you (thinking of) running Google Ads campaigns to become more visible to prospective students?
  • Do you want to collaborate more effectively with your online marketing agency?
  • Or perhaps you're even thinking of taking your Google Ads campaigns in-house?

Formerly known as Google AdWords, Google Search Ads is the most immediate, powerful attraction tactic for student recruitment. 

Whether you run campaigns in-house or collaborate with an agency, careful management is essential.

This course will focus on running pay-per-click (ppc) campaigns on Google specifically for Higher Education. I will help you to set up your Google Ads campaigns for measurable impact on your overall student recruitment efforts.

Key facts

  • Foundation level

    Join without prior knowledge and experience, or with some initial experience.

  • 8 Hours

    Total estimated time commitment.

  • Online

    View the videos and work on assignments at your own schedule. Ask questions and share experiences during the 3 live Zoom calls.

Course Contents

  • 1


    • Personal Introduction

    • What to expect? An overview.

    • Intake Survey

  • 2

    Google Ads: The Big Picture

    • Google Ads Campaigns in the Full Picture

    • Key Google Ads Vocabulary

    • Google Ads vs. Other Campaign types

    • Anatomy of a Google Ads campaign

    • Recap & Assignment

  • 3


    • Overview

    • Types of Keywords

    • Step 1: Brainstorm

    • Step 2: Expand

    • Step 3: Organise

    • Recap

  • 4

    Live Zoom Session 1

    • Live Zoom Session 1

  • 5

    Ad Copy

    • Overview

    • Ad Types & Structure

    • Writing Great Ad Copy

    • Recap & Assignment

  • 6

    After the click

    • Overview

    • Landing pages

    • Measuring Conversions

    • Estimating Campaign Budgets

    • Evaluating & Reporting Results

    • Ongoing Optimisation

    • Recap

    • Assignment

  • 7

    Working with Agencies

  • 8

    Live Zoom Session 2

    • Live Zoom Session 2

  • 9

    Post - Course Check-in after 3 Months

    • Post-Course check-in

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Learning Goals

What will you be able to do after completing the course?

  • Identify the right keywords for your Google Ads student recruitment campaign

  • Identify and create compelling ad copy

  • Estimate the required campaign budget and expected results

  • Track and report PPC campaign results

  • Set up a basic Google Ads campaign from beginning to end

  • Analyse competing institutions' ad campaigns

  • Adopt a routine for continuously improving your Google Ads campaigns


Watch Intro Video

Sample video lesson

Google Ads vs. Other Campaign types


  • Do you offer in-company training?

    Yes, this programme can be delivered in-company. Both online and in-person, depending on my calendar. If you're interested in in-company training, please contact me to discuss the options.

  • Are there any discounts available?

    Yes. I offer discounts in the following circumstances:
    - If you enroll 4 or more participants simultaneously
    - If you plan to combine multiple courses
    - For schools based in a middle or lower income country, as defined by the World Bank
    - Additionally, this course qualifies for the HRD-Corp training scheme in Malaysia.
    If any of the above applies to you, please contact me for a discounted quotation.

  • Is it possible to sign up through other methods than credit card?

    Yes. Simply contact me and I will provide you with an invoice according to your institution's specifications that includes bank payment details.

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