About this course

  • Are you (thinking of) running Google Ads campaigns to become more visible to prospective students?
  • Do you want to collaborate more effectively with your online marketing agency?
  • Or perhaps you're even thinking of taking your Google Ads campaigns in-house?

Formerly known as Google AdWords, Google Search Ads is the most immediate, powerful attraction tactic for student recruitment. 

But only when it's done right. Google Ads is like a tiger: very powerful, but if not handled the right way, it might eat you!

This course will focus on running pay-per-click (ppc) campaigns on Google specifically for Higher Education. I will help you to set up your Google Ads campaigns for measurable impact on your overall student recruitment efforts.

Course Contents

  • 1


    • Personal Introduction

    • What to expect? An overview.

    • Intake Survey

  • 2

    Google Ads: The Big Picture

    • Google Ads Campaigns in the Full Picture

    • Key Google Ads Vocabulary

    • Google Ads vs. Other Campaign types

    • Anatomy of a Google Ads campaign

    • Recap & Assignment

  • 3


    • Overview

    • Types of Keywords

    • Step 1: Brainstorm

    • Step 2: Expand

    • Step 3: Organise

    • Recap

  • 4

    Live Zoom Session 1

    • Live Zoom Session 1

  • 5

    Ad Copy

    • Overview

    • Ad Types & Structure

    • Writing Great Ad Copy

    • Recap & Assignment

  • 6

    After the click

    • Overview

    • Landing pages

    • Measuring Conversions

    • Estimating Campaign Budgets

    • Evaluating & Reporting Results

    • Ongoing Optimisation

    • Recap

    • Assignment

  • 7

    Working with Agencies

  • 8

    Live Zoom Session 2

    • Live Zoom Session 2

  • 9

    Post - Course Check-in after 3 Months

    • Post-Course check-in

Learning Goals

This e-course has a practical focus. After viewing the videos, you'll get to work on (or analyse) your institution's Google Ads campaigns. This will allow you to tie the theory to your day-to-day practice.

Quite likely, you will even uncover opportunities to improve your Google Ads campaigns during the course. And I'll be right there to help you forward if you encounter specific questions.

The live sessions offer the perfect venue to discuss what you found out and help you forward, should you get stuck.

What will you be able to do after completing the course?

  • Identify the right keywords for your Google Ads student recruitment campaign

  • Identify and create compelling ad copy

  • Estimate the required campaign budget and expected results

  • Track and report PPC campaign results

  • Set up a basic Google Ads campaign from beginning to end

  • Analyse competing institutions' ad campaigns

  • Adopt a routine for continuously improving your Google Ads campaigns

Training format

This programme is delivered as a self-paced e-course with live small-group coaching sessions. You’ll get full lifetime access to the online course materials and assignments.

During the hands-on assignments, you will analyse your institution's own Google Ads account and can even make improvements to the setup if required.

At set moments, you’ll have the chance to join a small group live online coaching session with up to 5 participants from other institutions, or in a group of max. 12 colleagues. During the Zoom call, we’ll run through your assignments and you’ll have the chance to ask questions.

What's included?

  • Permanent access to the digital course materials;
  • 2 Live online coaching sessions in small groups;
  • Recordings of the coaching sessions;
  • Final check in 3 months after completion.

Watch Intro Video

Sample video lesson

Google Ads vs. Other Campaign types

EUR 680 / participant

- Prices do not include VAT, where applicable
- HRD corp eligible for qualifying Malaysian private institutions
- Group and bundle options available
- Discounts available for institutions in middle and low income countries, as per World Bank classification.