About this course

Digital marketing in the Higher Education sector usually involves many people, spread out across the institution: Marketing. Recruitment. Faculties. External Agencies. And maybe more.

To work together effectively, you need to be on the same page.

This course is designed to give you an overview of the full online student recruitment cycle, so you can be a confident team member and help your institution achieve the best possible recruitment results through digital marketing.

Key facts

  • Foundation level

    Join without prior knowledge and experience, or with some initial experience.

  • 12 Hours

    Total estimated time commitment.

  • Online

    View the videos and work on assignments at your own schedule. Ask questions and share experiences during the 3 live Zoom calls.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome! (10 min)

    • Personal Introduction

    • What to expect? An overview.

    • Intake Survey

  • 2

    2. Strategy (45 min)

    • What is strategy?

    • Ideal students

    • Competitors

    • Unique selling points

    • Goals

    • Division of tasks

    • Recap & Assignment

  • 3

    3. Data & Analytics (30 min)

    • Overview

    • Google Analytics

    • Lead engagement

    • Application rate

    • Offer rate

    • Offer take-up rate

    • Recap & assignment

  • 4

    Live Session 1

    • Live Coaching Session

  • 5

    4. Attraction (25 min)

    • Overview

    • Search

    • Broad Outreach

    • Early Outreach

    • Recap & assignment

  • 6

    5. Education (40 min)

    • Overview

    • Subject areas

    • Channels

    • Effective landing pages

    • Recap & assignment

  • 7

    6. Follow-up (30 min)

    • Overview

    • Follow-up Challenges

    • Follow-up methods

    • Recap & Assignment

  • 8

    Live Session 2

    • Live Coaching Session

  • 9

    7. CRM (18 min)

    • Overview

    • Basic principles

    • Quick responses

    • Reliable analytics

    • Relevant messaging

    • Internal collaboration

    • Recap & Assignment

  • 10

    8. Budgeting (35 min)

    • Overview

    • Budget Calculation

    • Fixing Bottlenecks

    • Recap

    • Assignment

  • 11

    9. Working with Agencies (20 min)

    • Overview

    • Agency selection

    • Briefing

    • Data ownership

    • Recap

  • 12

    Live Session 3

    • Live Coaching Session

  • 13

    Final Check-in

    • Live Coaching Session

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Learning Goals

What will you be able to do after completing the course?

  • Describe the key strategic questions that underlie online student recruitment campaigns

  • Understand how to budget realistically for higher education digital marketing campaigns

  • Understand the different online campaign types and when they are suitable

  • Identify possible improvements to your institution's website

  • Identify effective ways to automate follow up with prospective students

  • Measure and analyse the most important student recruitment Key Performance Indicators

  • Understand the key benefits and usage scenarios of CRMs

  • Collaborate effectively with external marketing agencies


Watch Intro Video

Sample video lesson

Education: Effective landing pages


Melissa Abache

Director, international student recruitment at Koç University

We approached Guus because I had purchased his book about recruiting international students using Google Ads and I liked how practical, easy to understand and useful the book was for semi-beginners like me.

By signing up for the course I wanted to help my team and different teams in our university in Communications and Graduate Schools speak the same language of digital marketing for student recruitment, whether domestic or international. Our aim was to become more fluent in the key concepts, measuring the performance of digital marketing campaigns and being able to brief and evaluate external agencies in a way that would reduce spending money or effort on the wrong things.

Our group was mixed in terms of seniority, functional areas and years of experience with digital marketing. It was a pleasure taking part in the weekly live sessions where we would go over the key lessons of that week (watching the videos took about 1 – 2 hours every week) and complete exercises in small groups. The exercises allowed us to re-evaluate existing campaigns for some of our programs from different perspectives but anchored in the key metrics given in the course. Of course, you can’t remember every detail after a couple of months but we can always refer to the course PDF document which is long but has pretty much everything you need in there.

Today, I feel our team is able to completely run succesful in-house digital marketing campaigns to recruit international students to specific programs. Our area for further work is the measuring success part as it does involve having full control of several institutional websites but we’ll get there eventually.

Douglas Proctor

Irish University Association

The Irish Universities Association (IUA) was delighted to facilitate access to the e-course on "Fundamentals of Online Student Recruitment" for a group of staff working across its seven member universities.

This training enabled 31 seasoned professionals in the Irish higher education sector to gain valuable new insights into their work in an online context, as well as tangible plans of action to support future student recruitment.

Efe Carlık

Koç University

This course is a must for colleagues who want to improve their abilities and knowledge in digital marketing for student recruitment. The course made me see the bigger picture of digital marketing and brought ideas about how can we aggregate all digital marketing efforts to serve the ultimate strategy.

Johanna Walsh

NUI Galway

The course is extremely helpful, particularly for colleagues working in student recruitment but perhaps not with extensive marketing background. I would also recommend the course to colleagues that are based in a College/Faculty within a University.

I think the format of covering the chapters mixed in with assignments prior to the class time is good as you cover all of the material and then have the opportunity to review aspects and have considered the learnings prior to the class discussion.

I would have much better confidence in running a campaign or appointing a digital marketing company to promote my University, following the completion of this course.


  • Do you offer in-company training?

    Yes, this programme can be delivered in-company. Both online and in-person, depending on my calendar. If you're interested in in-company training, please contact me to discuss the options.

  • Are there any discounts available?

    Yes. I offer discounts in the following circumstances:
    - If you enroll 4 or more participants simultaneously
    - If you plan to combine multiple courses
    - For schools based in a middle or lower income country, as defined by the World Bank
    - Additionally, this course qualifies for the HRD-Corp training scheme in Malaysia.
    If any of the above applies to you, please contact me for a discounted quotation.

  • Is it possible to sign up through other methods than credit card?

    Yes. Simply contact me and I will provide you with an invoice according to your institution's specifications that includes bank payment details.

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